Telephone Tariffs

Our telephone tariffs offer great value when calling locally, to the UK, or to the rest of the world.

Payments of monthly Invoices can be made via our Bank of St. Helena account number, 18757002.

Payments can be made via cash, cheque, local debit card or online.  Please ensure that the account number is included as the reference.. For further information call 22900.


NB All tariffs exclude the 10% SHG Service Tax. 

Local Calls

Landline to Landline: per minute @ 4p

Landline to Mobile: per minute @ 10p


IDD Tariffs


Ascension Island: per minute @ £0.35

United Kingdom: per minute @ £0.89

South Africa: per minute @ £0.80

Falkland Islands: per minute @ £0.94

Rest of the World: per minute @ £1.03


Rentals (Excluding SHG tax)

Business: £16.60 per month  

Residential: £4.43 per month

Government: £16.90 per month

Dual: £8.85 per month


Credit Control

Deposits and monthly rentals for Business, Residential, Government and Dual customers.

In line with our Credit Control Policy, deposits may be required from the following:

  • - Businesses established for less than 12 months
  • - Non-permanent residents
  • - Expatriate contract personnel
  • - Unemployed persons
  • - Outstanding debtors list customers


Installation Deposits

Installations with an estimated cost exceeding £500 will require a 50% down payment.


REPAIRING PRIVATE (CPE) Customer Premises Equipment

Requested by customer to repair private PABX/phones etc: (initial and first hour) £30.08 *

Requested by customer to repair private PABX/phone etc: (additional hour) £9.36 *



For all telephone faults outside of the responsibility of Sure South Atlantic Ltd, the customer is charged for materials.

Faults can be logged via our 24/7 Free Fault Line 121.




International Direct Dialling (IDD) is the service by which all telephone and telefax customers can call overseas direct, without going through operators.