Broadband Services

Our broadband packages are designed for all needs and all budgets. Our customers can follow instructions to set up their account and check their data usage.


Broadband Packages

We have designed a number of Broadband packages that are tailored to meet your needs.

Setting Up Your Broadband Account

Never press the recessed factory reset button on your modem or router as this clears the unit configuration back to factory defaults and will require reprogramming. If you are experiencing problems with your modem or router, it is best to simply power it off, wait a few seconds, then power...

Monitoring Broadband Usage

It is recommended that you check your broadband usage regularly to ensure you stay within your package allowance.

Broadband How-Tos

Find out how to change your broadband package, cease your contract or report a fault.

Broadband Terms & Conditions

Please review our Broadband terms and conditions here.

Help with Data Usage

Please click here for information that can help with managing your data usage.