Monitoring Broadband Usage

How do I monitor my MB usage?

It is recommended that you check your broadband usage regularly to ensure you stay within your package allowance.

Remember your total usage includes both your upload and download MBs.

You will be advised via your local ( email address by an automated email when you have reached or gone under 1GB. Service will be temporarily suspended when you have reached your maximum allowance.  Additional data can be accessed by purchasing a Data Booster or upgrading to a higher plan, please contact our Customer Services Team on 22900.



Please note that data usage is not deducted in real-time from your data bank. To see a true reflection of what data you have actually used it is advisable to turn off your broadband modem and then back on again. After reconnecting, check your data usage via the Web-Self Care tool.

New monthly data bank allowances are automatically updated after midnight on the 1st of each new month.