Mobile Roaming

Inter-island roaming, inbound and outbound mobile roaming are all available with Sure Saint Helena and our network partners.


Inter Island Roaming

Inter island Roaming is possible for St Helena and Ascension customers using their SIM cards on each of the two islands. Roaming services are limited to voice calls and SMS (text messages).

Roaming charges are as follows:

  • ASC user @ STH – IB call charge - £0.90
  • STH user @ ASC – IB call charge - £1.00

What this means is that a St Helena customer on Ascension Island using their St Helena SIM, will receive an inbound call charge of £1.00 per minute. Likewise an Ascension customer using their Ascension SIM on St Helena, receiving a call from Ascension will now get an inbound (IB) roaming call charge of 0.90p per minute.


GSM Inbound Roaming (Voice only)

GSM inbound roaming is the ability to use your cellular phone and number (if unlocked) whilst traveling away from your Home Network. This service allows you to connect to the GSM network of the location you are visiting without having to buy another SIM card.

For example, Vodafone & O2 GSM customers from United Kingdom visiting Saint Helena can make both local and international calls with their mobile phones as soon as they step off the plane, without having to purchase a Sure SA Ltd SIM card. They will be billed by Vodafone/O2 for all calls made while roaming in Saint Helena on their regular monthly bill.

Roaming is possible with:

  • - Ascension Island
  • - Sure Falklands
  • - MTN South Africa
  • - Vodafone UK
  • - Telefonica/O2 UK
  • - Softbank Japan (JNPJP)
  • - Softbank Japan (JNPEM)

Works are ongoing with other providers . We will provide updates as and when relationships are established.


GSM Outbound Roaming

For Saints travelling overseas, outbound roaming for St Helena mobiles is available in South Africa.