Mobile Service FAQs

Please see our frequently asked mobile questions here.


1. Why can’t I make outgoing calls but I can receive incoming calls ok?

Your Caller ID is probably disabled hence our network system will block all outgoing calls because our system is set up to refuse unknown numbers.


2. Why won’t my national SMS send?

It is likely that you are dialling 5 digits and not 8 digits (e.g. 290 22023).

International SMS (e.g. + 247 66871). Note that SMS cannot be sent to landline numbers.


3. Can I use Cellular Tablets?

Cellular tablets can be used only if they have the same compatibility requirements that exist for handsets. Some tablets, such as iPads, have no SMS capability which makes user pay as you go and self-care more challenging.


4. Will power cuts affect the mobile service?

Yes, we remain dependant on a reliable and stable electricity supply. Although we have battery back-up at all of our sites, these will not support the network in the event of extended power outages.


5. How can I Top up and check my Balance? (For PAYG service only)

To Top Up:

- Dial 177 and follow instructions.

- For text dial *177* Voucher number# then press the dial button (usually Green Button)

- Web:, enter mobile number and voicemail password then select ‘Top Up’

To Check Balance:

- Dial 178 and follow instructions

- For text balance dial *178# then press the dial button (usually Green Button)

- Web – enter mobile number and voicemail password, select summary

- (Pay as you Go) Data Bundle Top Up - *173*<bundle size># (Options are 100 and 200MB)


6. How can I cease the mobile data but continue to use the voice and SMS features only?

Visit or contact our Customer Services to disable data service feature or you can remove the APN from your settings.


7. Why can’t I access the internet on my mobile?

Your Access Point Name (APN) is probably incorrect - Prepaid APN ‘SURESHL’ and Post-paid APN ‘SURESHLPM’.

The APN is key sensitive therefore ensure APNs are in CAPS. Customer Service representative can check if you have applied for the ‘Opt Out’ feature.


8. What is the rate for calling a mobile to landline and landline to mobile?

Mobile prepaid package to national landline = 17p per minute.

Mobile Post-paid package to national landline = 10p per minute.

National Landline to mobile = 10p per minute.


9. I am receiving nuisance calls, can you help?

You will need to report your complaint to the Police Department (22626).


10. At what age can my child sign up for mobile without a parent’s permission?

18 years old. Any person under this age will need an adult’s consent (preferably a guardian or parent) to enable mobile connectivity. After set up, this is not Sure’s responsibility.


11. Can I change my number?

If you have a valid reason for the change you can purchase another SIM which costs £6 thereafter your previous number will be deleted.


12. Will I be charged for local and international incoming calls?

No, you will not be charged. However if you are a customer that is roaming on SURE’s mobile network, it will be likely that you will be charged accordingly.


13. I am on Pay Monthly £40 package, is it possible to downgrade my package to £25 package?

You can downgrade or upgrade at any time without a fee, but you will need to continue to pay for the £40 package until the 3 month contract has been completed. Upgrades are only effective from the 1st of each month and a new minimum period will apply at the start of the new ‘Pay Monthly’ package.


14. Where has my credit gone as most of it has been mysteriously used up?

The mobile feature is probably switched on which will use credit even when you are not using the internet, it will use data in the background. To avoid this, switch off the mobile data until you want to use the internet again. For PAYG customers you can check the PAYG Self-care website which provides call and data history and the amount deducted for each.


15. What is the difference between 2G and 4G?

‘G’ in 2G and 4G stands for the “Generation” of the mobile network. A higher number before the ‘G’ means more power to send out and receive more information and therefore the ability to achieve a higher efficiency through the wireless network.


16. I am a Pay Monthly customer but I want to downgrade to a Pay As You Go package, is there a fee involved?

Yes, you can move from ‘Pay Monthly’ to ‘Pay as you go’ package at any time provided you have completed the 3 months contract period, otherwise you will need to pay the remaining period. However, Sure will require at least two working days’ notice to move from a ‘Pay Monthly’ package to ‘Pay as you go’ package and will be charged £33 (connection cost of a 'Pay as you go' package).


17. What vendors are selling Top Up cards?

List of Vendors


18. I made a call and spoke for 30 seconds but it deducted 17p of my PAYG credit, is this correct?

PAYG local calls are charged at 17p a minute and Pay monthly local calls are charged at 10p minute. The charge applies whether you speak for 1 minute or less.


19. How do I know if I’m on WiFi or mobile data?

Check the symbols on your mobile. If you are using WiFi, the WiFi symbol will display on the mobile. If you are using mobile data, either E (EDGE) or 4G (LTE) will display next to the mobile signal level on the handset.


20. If I am using my WIFI or a Public WIFI will this use my mobile data?

No, if you have your broadband WiFi configured into your handset, this will always take priority over mobile data by using the broadband data allowance and not mobile data your handset.


21. What is the guaranteed period if I purchase a mobile handset from Sure Customer Service?

Any mobile handsets priced over £100 will have a 3 month guarantee.


22. Can I convert my credit into mobile data?

Yes. Dial either 178 and follow the voice prompts or dial *173*<bundle size># (options are 100mb and 200mb). Note 100mb will deduct £14 of your credit and 200mb will deduct £26.


23. How do I know if my handset is Network locked?

After inserting Sure’s SIM card in your mobile device, a message will display on the screen prompting for ‘SIM network unlock PIN’ or will show ‘Network Locked’ which will indicate that your handset is locked.


24. My SIM card is stolen, what must I do next?

We will ask you a couple questions for security to verify you are indeed the correct person. If you answered correctly, we will immediately deactivate your current SIM to avoid the user from using your credit. The replacement cost for a SIM card is £6.


25. How will I know if my handset is compatible to Sure’s network?

Check the specification of your handset. The handset must meet the following criteria: GSM 900MHz or LTE 1800MHz and it must be unlocked (to date Nokia Lumia handset is not compatible).


26. How to set-up Voicemail?

Dial 171 and follow the instructions.


For any questions or faults, please call our Mobile Helpline on 111.