Sure provides a number of public coin/card phones, which are located in convenient locations throughout the Island. These telephones are available to the public to make local and international calls.

Phone cards for these payphones are available at our Customer Care Centre and from phone card vendors (see below). Card denominations are £5.00 and £10.00. Coins accepted are 10p, 20p, 50p and £1.00


Card & Coin operated Protel payphones

These payphones are located in convenient locations throughout the Island. This service offers the customer the option of using either card or coin on the same phone to make local and international calls.


Coin operated payphones

This service is similar to the card operated telephone system except that it uses the local coins of 10p, 20p, 50p and £1.00 instead of cards. There are 12 of these payphones located in the Half Tree Hollow and Jamestown areas.


Card / Coin Payphone Locations

Payphone Ann’s Place
Payphone Blue Hill
Payphone Bottom Woods
Payphone Consulate Hotel
Payphone Deadwood
Payphone Francis Plain
Payphone Head O’Wain
Payphone Hutts Gate, Longwood
Payphone Nr The Hospital, Jamestown
Payphone Ladder Hill
Payphone Longwood Avenue
Payphone New Ground
Payphone Nr Customs, The Wharf
Payphone Nr The Dive Shed, The Wharf
Payphone Nr Half Tree Hollow Clinic
Payphone Nr Quincey Vale
Payphone Nr Silver Hill Shop
Payphone Nr Public Library
Payphone Sandy Bay
Payphone White Gate
Payphone Nr Guide Hall, HTH


Coinphone Locations

Coinphone Blue Hill Community Centre
Coinphone Colin’s Bar, Sandy Bay
Coinphone Community Care Complex
Coinphone Custom’s Freight Terminal
Coinphone Deason Centre
Coinphone Godfathers Rock Club
Coinphone Hospital
Coinphone Bradley’s Complex, Longwood
Coinphone Plantation Cape Villa
Coinphone Sandy Bay Community Centre
Coinphone Standard Bar
Coinphone Swimming Pool Jamestown
Coinphone The Market (Downstairs)
Coinphone White Horse Tavern
Coinphone Yon’s Wellington House Trading