Mobile Packages, Services & Roaming

We offer a range of mobile packages for all budgets and needs. Our mobile network is designed with a 2G GSM layer and a 4G LTE layer to support data services.

The 2G layer will provide robust voice and SMS services and ensure we have a platform that can provide roaming services to island visitors. The use of 4G LTE layer for data ensures that our network is aligned with the latest international standards and practices.


Mobile Price Plans

Our mobile packages offer something for all needs and all budgets. There is free connection for PAYG customers transferring to Pay Monthly packages.

Mobile Handsets

Sure guarantees that any handsets bought from our shop at Bishops Rooms, Jamestown are fully compatible with our network. Customers are of course welcome to supply their own handset but we cannot guarantee compatibility.

Mobile Application Forms

Our Customer Services team will help you decide which mobile package suits your needs best and they will help you choose a handset.

Mobile Service FAQs

Please see our frequently asked mobile questions here.

GSM Coverage

Our GSM coverage is indicated by the following colour keys:

PAYG Features & Numbers

PAYG features and numbers allow you to check your balance and data usage, top-up your account, add bundles, check your voicemail and transfer balances.

Mobile Roaming

Inter-island roaming, inbound and outbound mobile roaming are all available with Sure Saint Helena and our network partners.

Mobile Terms & Conditions

Please review our mobile service terms and conditions here.