Mobile Handsets

Sure guarantees that any handsets bought from our shop at Bishops Rooms, Jamestown are fully compatible with our network. Customers are of course welcome to supply their own handset but we cannot guarantee compatibility. 


Compatible Handsets

Due to the large range of handsets available from a wide range of different manufacturers, it is impossible to test them all and provide a comprehensive list of compatible handsets.

The Motorola Moto family of handsets including the Moto-E, Moto-G and Moto-X are our main smartphone handsets however we will have a wide range of handsets available in our shop from low cost voice and SMS only handsets, as well as Motorola and iPhone smartphones.

There are two main issues with handset compatibility: handset locking and LTE compatibility.

Handsets need to be 900MHz GSM, Band 3 1800MHz, Band 20 800MHz LTE to use our data services. Band 3 LTE is one of the most popular bands worldwide so if your LTE compatible handset is bought in Europe, we would expect it to work on Band 3.

If your handset was purchased for use on another mobile network, especially on a prepaid contract, there is chance that it will be locked to that network. Handsets which are locked cannot be used on our network. Unlocking is the responsibility of the handset owner. Sure cannot assist with unlocking of handsets.

Handsets which are not LTE compatible will still work for voice, SMS and lower speed GSM EDGE data services.