WiFi Hotspots

Having Internet on the go is very handy for our tourists and local customers.

WiFi Hotspots can be found at:

  • Anne’s place
  • Bertrands
  • Blue Lantern
  • Consulate Hotel
  • Mantis Hotel
  • Rosies
  • Rose & Crown Airport
  • Sandwich Bar (Jamestown Market)
  • Tasty Bites
  • Town House B&B
  • V2 Pub Paradise
  • Wicked Wahoo
  • Williams Estate
  • Yacht Club 

WiFi coverage is also possible in the harbour area using time bought from Anne’s place. NB: Coverage of all anchorage areas is not guaranteed.

How to locate a WiFi Hotspot

You can easily identify our hotspot locations from our signs.

Time can be purchased from each location. Time is available in £3, £6 or £12 (excluding SHG service tax). Usage is charged at 10p per minute.

How to use a WiFi Hotspot

Using the facility with any WiFi enabled device is straight forward.

Having powered on your laptop or mobile device, you simply search for the Sure Hotspot connection and enter the User details shown on the printout. Remember to enable ‘popups’ on your wireless device.

It is important to log out when you have finished to save any unused time. If you should lose the logout page, you can log out manually by visiting or

Sure Broadband

If you are an existing Sure broadband user, you can log into any public WiFi hotspot using your broadband account details. Any data uploaded or downloaded will be deducted from your data bank.

All you need to do is:

* Ensure that your modem is switched off at home or work

* Key in your own unique Broadband User ID & Password when prompted

* If using before midnight, log out prior to midnight and then back in again thereafter to ensure access to the ‘Free usage Zone’