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Saint Helena Island

For over 114 years Sure South Atlantic (formally Cable and Wireless) has been providing connectivity to countries throughout the world via their national and international telecoms networks.

Today, Sure South Atlantic Limited is licensed by the St Helena Government to provide international public telecommunications services to the Island of St Helena. Our services include National & International Telephone, Public Internet and Television Re-Broadcast.

Sure continues to invest in the network infrastructure on St Helena and our international satellite links, enabling us to offer robust, high quality communication services for both residential and business customers.

In April 2013 the company was acquired by the Batelco Group, a leading telecommunications provider to 16 markets spanning the Middle East & Northern Africa, Europe and the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean.  This marks the start of an exciting new phase for our business, as we join an international organisation which is committed to delivering value and unsurpassed customer service.

To underpin the important changes to our business, with effect from 15th July 2013 we changed our name from Cable & Wireless South Atlantic Ltd to Sure South Atlantic Limited.  Sure International is the corporate division of the business, enabling companies that operate in the islands to reliably and efficiently connect and transact with their global partners.

Serving the communities where Sure operates is at the heart of the Company’s approach. Sure is committed to behaving in an ethical and socially responsible manner.